Living Statues

Art$Fortune   [Living Statue & Stilt Installation]

Wonder, Mystery, Awe! Blending Living Statue & Stilt Performance, this ‘robotic’ fortune telling booth comes to life when you drop in a coin! Art activates with lights, music and searches his ‘crystal ball’ for the perfect goodie bag with a fortune, toy and candy inside.

This entire performance experience is guided by a Stilt Carnival Barker inviting you to “Step on UP!”

Watch Art $ Fortune in action:

Art’s Fortunes are based on quotes by famous artists which encourage visitors to creating the future they desire! Great for Weddings, Festivals, Galas or Experiential Activations. Each fortune bag can be can be customized by including your branded items, names of the Bride(s)/Groom(s) with their favourite quotes, coupons/gift cards to businesses, etc…

The booth is compact and easy to move!  Just give us a place to set up, plug us in… Step on up and see what your future holds!!!


Kyle Art Booth


Living Statues  [Various]

Greek/Roman Statues, Metallic Characters, Winter Fairies, Creatures and more: Great for corporate events, weddings, parties or festivals. If you have a theme, we can customize living statues to create a stunning photo opportunity and take your decor from “on the wall” to INTERACTIVE!
Kristen Statue
Our trained performers are industry experts at creating dynamic, interactive performances that allow your guests to engage with your event’s theme and build memories they’ll remember and share for years to come!