Power of Words!

Words have incredible power!  If you’ve ever attended a play where a masterful actor uses only his/her words on a bare stage and somehow manage to bring you to tears… words are the most useful tool we have available to us as words can connect with another human being beyond any other means.

Just watch this speech below that won the Toastmaster’s Championship for 2015 over 33,000 competitors for 6 Months:

Why does this matter to your event or promotion?

The best coding in the world can only bring a deliver to a screen; connecting with your audience is far more difficult. The words your guests (or potential customers) hear is as important as how it’s delivered!

Stilt Guys are trained actors with 12 years of International experience at some of the world’s largest events! We stand in front of thousands of people on a regular basis and know how to connect 1-on-1 (whether the crowd is thousands or a small group).

We’ve got the experience, creative campaign solution & acquired skills to achieve your desired results for leaving a BIG Brand or Guest Experience!




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