‘The Experience Economy’

A year of growth is on the horizon! (Not just for Stilt Guys…)

Marketing Magazine printed a recent article pointing out a major market shift with Millennials are looking to invest in experiences (festivals, travel, etc.) rather than big ticket items/accruing consumer debt. Why is this such a major economic shift? Millennial (aged 18-34) now make up 52% of the workforce and account for major buying power.

This is big news for the festival industry as it harkens a growing audience base to who are interested in taking part in live festivals, music and personal experience – reconnecting with the live experience from their ‘digitally arms length’ connection to the world in their daily life.

This has also required BIG CHANGE for Brands looking to connecting with their consumer base. Successful marketing strategies have been linking purchases of product based items to experience, turning their brand into an experience. Connecting with Millenials has come through associating the experience gained with a product. Encouraging consumers to share their experience with the product, the article highlights Adidas’ #YeezBoost campaign encouraging customers to share their experience with their new shoes using the hashtag. Other successful campaigns include Lululemon #FuelHappiness campaign which continues the brand’s connection to living a positive lifestyle.

Craft Brewers

How does this connect with your festival/event/business? It’s more important than ever to purposefully design the experience associated with your brand! Stilt Guys are industry experts to mindfully select your desired guest experience with a lasting impression! Whether it’s a wedding, casino gaming floor, animating a festival footprint (and stimulating the engagement between guests & vendors), emceeing a variety show or creating an experiential activation for your tradeshow or street marketing initiative…

Tip for Festivals! Include us in your grants as part of your Audience Development Initiative. Stilt Guys boost the guest experience for your attendees, generate original (sharable!) social media content with your guests on site and offer kids/youth workshops as an immersive experience and future audience building strategy!

Let us help design the experience narrative for your guests. Contact us today!